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Kontron Imagic Agile Ultrasound Color Doppler ( 2D ECHO ) With Two Probes

Quick Overview

• A renewed concept of ultrasound:
Premium performance, advanced ergonomics, unparalleled completeness and modularity matched with smart portability and friendly user interface.
• Modular configurations:
License-based options to allow every single user to define and select a customized solution.
• Ergonomics and design:
Advanced solutions and the innovative K-Magic provide increased exam comfort and reduced operation time.
• Connectivity and data sharing:
An updated suite of features and IMAGIC Desk ensure the maximum level of compatibility for faster and safer integrated diagnoses.
• Accessories and trolleys:
In combination with different product configurations and integrated battery to allow multi-purpose use of the system.

GMDN: 40971
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• H Harmonic Imaging
The extended bandwidth and Multiple Frequency transducers provide optimal results in terms of penetration and spatial resolution
• Angle-Free M-Mode
By placing the M-mode line in any position, measurements accuracy and patient comfort are ensured.
• Kinetic Tissue Mapping
Doppler based cardiac walls kinetics is easily displayed. The spectral representation allows a quantitative assessment of LV dysfunctions
• Digital Imaging Process and Multi-Angle Imaging
Multi-Angle Imaging and Digital Imaging Process dramatically reduce the speckle noise contribution. Pathologies structures are visualized in detail.
• 2D Myocardial Strain Imaging
Angle-free analysis of the myocardium is performed by pressing a button. Strain-Strain Rate Curves and Regional Strain Map are visualized for pathologies identification and quantification.
• Quality IMT
RF measurement of the Intima Media is visualized in real-time; the most important parameters are included in the report for further evaluations or follow-up.
• Easy to adjust:
Adjust the system to find the optimal settings for any user’s height.
• Easy to use:
Work comfortably either standing or sitting.
• Easy to carry:
Use IMAGIC Agile with its trolley or bring it wherever you need.
• Easy to move:
Supply different departments or even different centers with high level cardiovascular technologies on demand.
• Easy to transport:
Easily remove IMAGIC Agile from its trolley to have a compact volume which fits in any standard car.


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