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Konica Minolta X Ray System AeroDR X70

Quick Overview

•Konica Minolta’s versatile AeroDR X70 X-ray system with tilting wall stand and table bucky provides you with a flexible, high quality digital X-ray imaging solution.
•AeroDR X70 has a seamless integration with the X-ray generator and your hospital or radiology information system.
•Also console CS-7 newly developed for AeroDR taking advantage of AeroDR's characteristics, an intuitive, simple, and smart operation platform has been implemented.

•Shared FPD solution
The AeroDR X70 is based on the cassette sized, wireless AeroDR flat panel detector and is designed to suit a variety of X-ray rooms.
The AeroDR flat panel detector can be shared between wall stands and bucky tables and can also be used for tabletop and free examinations.

• High image quality and lower dose
The optimal combination of the AeroDR detector, using a Konica Minolta CsI scintillator, combined with the newly developed low noise readout circuitry delivers an excellent DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency). This makes the AeroDR effective in reducing exposure dose.

• High patient throughput
The AeroDR X70 system is designed to increase patient throughput. You will experience light and easy handling of the (tilting) wall stand bucky, table and the ceiling suspended X-ray tube, minimizing the positioning time.

• Tube tracking
Synchronised movement of the tube and detector is standard. The X-ray tube automatically tracks the detector during wall stand or table bucky adjustments, also when the tube is placed in an angled position.

AeroDR X70 System Specifications
• Image Preview : Less than 2sec

Detector:-Digital Radiography system AeroDR
• Scintillator :-CsI (Cesium Iodide)
• Pixel size:-175μm
• Image Field:-1,994x2,430 (4.8 million pixels)
• Dimensions(W x D x H):-383.7×460.2×15.9mm ※Equivalent to Standard 14x17* cassette
• Dynamic Range :- 4 digits

X-ray System

• Output : 50kW, 65kW, 80kW
• Frequency(up to) : 240kHz
• Exposure voltage : 40 to 150kVp
• mA range : 10 to 1000mA (depending on selected kW)
• Dual speed starter : Standard
• Input rating : 400/480VAC 50/60Hz
• X-Ray Tube : Varian
• Focal spot : 0.6/1.2mm
• kHU : 300 (212kJ), 400 (300kJ), 600 (445kJ)
• Ceiling suspension : 32/77kW, 40/100kW, 40/100kW
• Anode angle : 12°
• Rotation speed : 10000rpm

Ceiling suspension
• Weight : 127kg, standard tube and collimator
• Vertical stroke : 1450mm or 1700mm
• Tube rotation : Alpha from -163 to 180, Beta from -180 to 163
• Minimal ceiling height: 2500mm
• Height movement: Motorized
• Tracking : Height tracking on wall and table

Table (AeroDR T50)
• Vertical stroke : 540-850mm, floor - table top
• Patient load : Tabletop for 295kg Patient weight, 0.7 mm AL eq
• Attenuation equivalent : ≦0.7 mm AL eq.
• Dimensions table top : 2400×800mm
• Movement table top : Lateral ±150mm, longitudinal ±500mm
• Image receptor travel : ±290mm
• AEC : Three-field ionisation chamber (Optional )

Non Tilting Type Wall Stand (AeroDR S30)
• Vertical stroke, detector in vertical position : 310mm-1780mm , floor -center detector
• Attenuation equivalent : ≦0.6 mm Al eq,
• AEC : Three-field ionisation chamber (Optional )
• Grid : Manually exchangeable

Tiliting Type Wall Stand (AeroDR S33)
• Vertical stroke, detector in vertical position : 310mm-1710mm , floor -center detector
• Vertical stroke, detector in horizontal position : 580mm(minimum) , floor - top cover
• Positions detector : 90°- -20°
• Attenuation equivalent : ≦0.6 mm Al eq,
• AEC : Three-field ionisation chamber (Optional )
• Grid : Manually exchangeable
GMDN: 37658
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• Konica Minolta X- Ray System AeroDR X70


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