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Konica Minolta Direct Digitizer REGIUS MODEL 210

Quick Overview

• Innovative design to meet a wide range of workflow requirements
• Multi-bay CR systems
• Compact,high performance design
• 40 seconds feed/load time
• Sampling Pitch 3 types:87.5/175/and 43.75µm for mammography
• Highest scanning resolution in world:7080x9480(14x17/43.75µ/pcm) 5440x67766(24x30/43.75µ/mammography) 4020x4892(14x17/87.5µ)
• Digital Gradation Level 4096 Levels(12 bits)
• Processing Capability approx.120 sheets/hour(mixed sizes)
• Exposure size: 14”x17”/14”x14”/10”x12”/8”x10”/18x24cm/24x30cm/15x30cm and other
• Laminated IP plates.Ip plate life-7 years
• Unique image processing:Hybrid processing level,E-processing F-processing
• Low maintenance
GMDN: 41013
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• Konica Minolta Direct Digitizer REGIUS MODEL 210


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