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Konica Minolta Color Doppler Ultrasound System AeroScan CD40

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• Imaging mode:-B,B/B,4B,B/M,M,B/D,Color Doppler Imaging,Power Doppler Imaging, Directional Power Doppler,PW Doppler,CW Doppler,Tissue harmonic,Real Time Dual color, Duplex,Triplex,TDI,Color M-Mode,Steer M-Mode,4D,IMT,Ecastography,TEI Index,Spectral Doppler,Auto trace,Compound Imaging
• Scanning Mode:-Electronic convex/Linear/phased Array
• Gray Scale:- 256 Gray Scale
• Display:-19” Medical Grade LED Display+10” Touch Screen
• Probe Frequency:-Broad band 4 frequency selection, Working frequency 2 MHz-15MHz
• Probe Connector:-4(standard) and 1 Pencil Probe,Keyboard movement up &down&swivel
• Dynamic Imaging Technology:-Dynamic frequency scan
• Gain Control:-Overall Gain Control,8 step TGC continuously adjustable
• Image Reverse:-Left/Right, Up/Down
• Zoom:-Up to 10X Smart zoom
• Cine Loop:-More than 1000 frames(Probe and Mode Dependent)
• Image Storage:-Minimum 500 GB Hard disk for inbuilt Digital Image Storage,Inbuilt CD Drive
• Connectivity:-High Speed USB 2.0 output for image transfer and retrieval, LAN Networking, DICOM 3.0
• System Upgrade:-Flexible System upgrade through software
• Clinical Application:-Abdominal Vascular, Thyroid, Obsterics, Gynecology, Musclo-Skeletal, Cardiac,Pediatrics,Urology,Neonatal Head,Small part,Transcranial and Adult Cardiac etc
• Probes:-Convex probe,Linear probe,Micro Convex probe ,Phased Array Cardiac Probe,Trans Vaginal probe,Transrectal probe,Volume Convex Transducer
• Optional:-Adult TEE Probe,Pediatric TEE Probe,Surgical(Hockey Probe),Bi-Plane Rectal Probe
GMDN: 40971
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• Konica Minolta Color Doppler Ultrasound System AeroScan CD40 - With 2 probe
• Optional : Extra Probes
• Ultrasound Machine

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