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Konica Minolta C R Reader AeroDR Console CS-7

Quick Overview

Its sophisticated function will enrich your daily workflow of examination.
CS-7 can control AeroDR detectors and connect to Regius CR readers.

• Integrated Control Station CS-7
• Quick Preview and smart GUI
• Principal Optional Function
• Roamimg Function
• 43.75µm (※) read capacity for mammography(※ Option license)

Control Section CS7
• Image Processing: Automatic Gradation Processing (G Processing) ,Frequency Processing (F Processing), Equalization Processing (E Processing) ,Hybrid Processing (H Processing) ,Hybrid Smoth Processing (HS Processing)
• Image Output: Host : Up to 4 channels ,Printer : Up to 2 channels
• DICOM SupportBasic Greyscale Print Management (SCU) ,Storage (SCU) ,Modality Worklist Management ,Modality Performed Procedure Step ,Greyscale Standard Display Function (print output)
• CR / DR Connections: AeroDR : Up to 4 simultaneous active detectors ,REGIUS Cassette Reader : Up to 15 units
•Main Options:
•Hardware options :Bar-code Reader for REGIUS Cassette Registration, In-room Sub Monitor
•Software options : DICOM MWM/ MPPS/ DETACHED, FTP ,DICOM Storage Output ,DICOM Print ,X-ray Generator Connection ,Media Storage ,Text Annotation ,Automatic Body Part Recognition ,Automatic Processing Parameter Study
GMDN: 44824
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•Konica Minolta C R Reader AeroDR Console CS-7

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