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Komfy Horizontal Autoclave LI011

Quick Overview

* System comprising of chamber and jacket support
* Chamber constructed using thick stainless steel sheet that helps in minimizing heat losses
* Complete shell mounted on sturdy MS tubular stand support
* Boiler coming fitted with auto pressure control device that support maintenance of chamber pressure through cutting on/off electric supply to heater
* Doors made available in thick stainless steel plate and comes with safety mechanism that automatically lock in event of chamber being under pressure
* Functioning of system also supported by auto pressure control device, timer switch, alarm switch, water inlet/outlet valve, water level indicator, pressure gauge and jacket safety valve
* Pressure vessel, middle walls, external walls, boiler, lid and tubular stand made available in stainless steel fins

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* Komfy Horizontal Autoclave LI011
* Inner Size (Dia x Depth) : 250 x 450mm)
* Capacity : 22-187L
* Material : Stainless Steel
* Finding usage for various chemical reactions in Pharma & chemical industry
* For pre-disposal treatment as well as sterilization of waste material
* Used in hospitals for sterilizing instruments, glassware and plastic ware
* Used for laboratory sterilization


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