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Komfy Autoclave High Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Vertical)

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* KOMFY High pressure water steam electrically heated vertical sterilizer used for sterilizing of surgical instrument, Dressing materials, Linen, Rubber, Plastic material, Injection liquids by means of steam under pressure of 15 to 20 PSI (Adjustable) Double & Triple chamber with inner chamber and steam jacket made of thick stainless steel jacket
* Outer chamber made of stainless steel sheet reinforced with SS sheet
* Lid is made of thick stainless steel plate single piece and closed by wing nuts arrangement
* Joint less neoprene gas kit does not allow any leakage
* Fined with double safety valve, Water level indicator, water inlet and drain valves
* Supplied complete with cord and plug

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* KOMFY Autoclave High Pressure Steam Sterilizer (Vertical)
* All sterilizers are hydraulically tested up to 2.5 times of working pressure


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