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KMS Digital Video Colposcope KM-V07

Quick Overview

• Imaging system 1/4 x SONY CCD Image Sensor for high quality images
• Images can be displayed, captured and printed in real time digital camera
• Provides step free continuous zoom and focus
• Electric green filter removes red from image without any loss of light

GMDN: 10960
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Image pixel: 830000
Minimum Working Distance: 100 mm ~ 350 mm
Magnification: 1 ~ 72
Focusing: Auto/Manual
Output Interface: Video PAL/NTSC
Lens Resolution: 1/4 super color CCD
Horizontal Resolution: Over 470 lines
Vertical Resolution: Over 350 lines
Mode: green, black/white, indoor, outdoor, normal
Freeze: auto/manual
SNR: 50 dB
Minimum Illuminance: 0.05 lux
White Balance: Auto/Manual
Light Source: White cold
Video o/p: Pal / NTSC 1.0vp-P75


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