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Keeler Vantage Plus Digital LED type Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope


Quick Overview

* Keeler vantage plus digital LED type Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope with built-in DIGITAL Camera & Software

Features :
* Bright white illumination for a superior retinal view * Longest life, brightest and whitest, better detail
* 25% brighter than standard bulbs
* New Slimline Lithium Polymer battery weighs only 53 grams
* Combined natural LED and Lithium Polymer battery can provide up to 6 hours of use on a single charge
* Unique - Intelligent Optical System (IOS), IOS Optics allows Small Pupil Imaging without any obstructions
* Comfortable and perfectly balanced
* Filters and Apertures: IR/UV filters are built into the optics of the Vantage Plus with optional filters and a choice of 3 apertures plus a soft light diffuser.
* Pupillary Distance (PD) Range: 48 - 76mm
* The Vantage Plus uses advanced textured engineering materials, providing a lighter, smaller and more compact instrument without compromising the enowned Keeler reputation for robustness, reliability and quality

Shelf Life: 1 year
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* The LED cooler colour provides brighter, whiter illumination, longer battery life, and freedom from purchasing bulbs. The LED life expectancy is up to 10,000 hours.
* Clinically, the superior optics combined with the LED illumination could provide greater detail, allowing you to find retinal pathology that was not visible with the Xenon bulb BIO's.
* Vantage Plus LED wireless indirect ophthalmoscope
* Headband
* Digital Wireless Remote Control
* Keeler software
* Battery pack
* Charging unit
* Transformer
* Lens cloth
* Carrying Case
* Instructions CD


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