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Keeler Retinoscope

Quick Overview

* The unique optical design provides the first truly bimodal Retinoscope with just a quick bulb change. A true streak or spot - no compromises.

* The Professional Retinoscope is practical and professional, giving access to a range of advanced features geared towards the Ophthalmic Professional.

* Available with a 2.8V or 3.6V Bulb or LED Illumination.

* 2.8V models accept AA Batteries. 3.6V models accept rechargeable 3.6V Lithium Battery, charger sold separately.

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* Choice of Brow Rests to accommodate glasses wearers.
* Patented Neutralisation Check:
Allowing rapid confirmation of neutralisation by changing the beam from divergent to convergent.
* Patented Precision Magnetic Control:
360 degree access to a single rotational and convergence control.
* Two aperture choices:
4mm to optimise brightness of retinal flex.
1.7mm to optimise resolution of retinal flex.


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