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Keeler Direct 2.8v PROFESSIONAL Battery Ophthalmoscope


Quick Overview

Features :
* Xenon illumination
* Positive Action Maywheel
* Comprehensive Lens Range +29D to -30D
* Swing over Red Free Filter
* Precision Changes in Dioptre lens power.
* Step changes from +9D to -10D.
* Auxiliary wheel for +/-20D step changes.
* Six diagnostic beams for full diagnostic capability
* Wide Angle - for general examination.
* Macula - for more detailed views.
* Intermediate - providing easier access for non-dilated pupils and in peripheral examination. Ideal for paediatrics.
* Slit - to determine retinal elevations and depressions. Used to access the anterior chamber depth.
* Glaucoma - projects a graticule onto the retina to determine the optic cup/disc ratio to aid glaucoma diagnosis.
* Fixation Cross - projects a graticule onto the retina for assessment of eccentric fixation.
GMDN: 46792 Shelf Life: 1 year
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Specifications :
* The Professional Ophthalmoscope has been designed to ensure ultimate control.
* Lenses, graticules and filters can all be introduced at the touch of a fingertip.
* Single Dioptre Steps from +9 to -10 allow precision changes to lens power.
* A secondary Auxiliary Lens Wheel allows secondary lenses to provide +/-20 jumps in Dioptre lens power.
* Additional Glaucoma graticule provides improved diagnostic capabilities.
* 2.8V models accept AA Batteries


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