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KC Sterile MicroCool Surgical Large

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* Fabric : SFSMS
* Procedure: Standing Procedures
* Fold: Book
* Low Lint: Yes
* Neck Binding Color: Red
* Sleeve Type: Raglan Sleeves
* Specialty Gown : No
* Abrasion Resistance: Meets ASTM D4966
* Expected Fluid Contact High; For Lengthy, Fluid-Intensive Procedures
* Flame Resistance: Meets NFPA Class I and ISO 11810
* AAMI Protection Level :AAMI Level 4 Liquid Barrier Protection
* Closure :Hook-and-Loop

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* HALYARD* MICROCOOL* Gown meets the AAMI Level 4 Liquid Barrier Standard (i.e., meets ASTM 1671 standard for resistance to bacteriophage penetration within Critical Zones)
* The gown fabric meets ASTM F1670 for resistance of materials used in protective clothing.
* The Gown also meets the European Norms (ENISO 22610) for resistance to wet microbial penetration
* Meets the ISO standard for ignition resistance (ISO 11810-1 Class I1-21 No ignition)
* Meets ASTM D4966 for abrasion resistance and produces fewer than 20 particles of lint at the 10-micron level on the Gelbo lint test
* MICROCOOL* fabric is breathable to moisture in the vapor state in the critical zones.
* Raglan sleeves
* Adjustable neckline
* Specialty options for seated procedures
* Generous cut
* Sterile and non-sterile options available


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