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Karma Fighter-C Wheelchair

Quick Overview

• Width: 65 cm
• F/R Wheels: 8* / 24*
• Seat Width: 46 cm
• Seat Length: 41 cm
• Wheelchair Width :65
• Wheelchair Minimum Width: 27 cm
• Wheelchair Length: 104 cm
• Seat Height from Ground: 47 cm
• Back Height: 42 cm
• Wheelchair Height: 91 cm
• Wheelchair Weight :21 kg
• Maximum User Weight: 100 kg

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• This Karma fighter series wheelchair and is a very basic, no-frills, inexpensive wheel chair.
• It has leather-like polyester fiber material for the bottom and back and a chrome plated metal frame and is ideally suited for indoor use.
• It is an extremely comfortable chair and the patient will be able to sit in the chair for hours at a time without any discomfort.
• The overall width of the wheel chair is 25 inches, so before you buy this wheel chair, you should check the doors and passages in your house to ensure that they are over 25 inches wide.
• The seat width comes in two sizes – 16* and 18* and can take up to 100 in weight.
• The armrests are fixed while the foot rests can be folded when required. However, the footrests are not detachable.
• The front wheels are 8* solid caster and the rear wheels are 24


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