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Karma Back Rest Folding And Reclining

Quick Overview

* Hospital Backrest is generally used for the bedridden patients that help them in sitting at a desired angle up to 90 degrees Straight
* These Backrests are helpful very much for the patients suffering from back problems, for making them dine, reading, watching t.v, the main advantage of these backrests is that they are adjustable and can be adjusted up to 5 levels so the patient shall be able to find comfort with the help of this backrest Being hospitalized or bed-ridden is never fun
* But the right products ensure you get out of their faster
* This product is often used to keep patients sitting upright on the bed or floor when needed as it is easy to adjust at various angles and is portable
* WHEN TO USE Hospitalized patients Bed bound patients Hospital Back Rest For Use on Bed
* Easy Breathe Rigid Support Universal Fit Adjustable up to 5 levels

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* Karma Back Rest Folding And Reclining


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