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Micron Optik Junior Medical Microscope ISI Marked Model Kg-3


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* Study and well-balanced monoculor body, incIinabIe to horizontal level of 90 degree.
* Mechonicat tube length 160 +1 mm.
* Fixed square stage 110 mm x 110 mm.
* Dust proof triple revolving nose piece with posituve click stops.
* focusing by coarse and fine adjustment without scale.
* Substage Abbe type N.A. 1 .25 condenser with iris diaphragm & swing out fillter holder focusable by Rack & pInon.
* Iillumination by piano concave mirror in fork mount.
* Steple Grey,chemical resistant.,back-on finish
* with dust cover in plywood carrying cabinet with lock and keys or in styrofoam case.
* Complete parts of the microscope are pressure Die-casted.

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* Junior Medical Microscope Isi Marked Model Kg-3
* Objectives (Achromatic) : 10x & 40x (S/L)
* Eye-Pieces : W.F. 10x & H 15x
* Supplied in STYROFOAM full Moulded box .


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