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JMS Scalp Vein Set

Quick Overview

Features : * Super-thin-wall needle provides larger inner diameter that enables sufficient flow and smooth infusion
* Perfect geometry of needle profile that is individually siliconizes for sharpness and painless venipuncture
* Unique wing design for easy gripping and fixing on patient arm. Non-slippage design allows secure and safe venipuncture
* Optimum softness of luer connectors offers firm connection with luer adaptor, three-way stopcock, syringes.. etc
* Luer lock connector and intermittent configuration available

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Specification :
* Soft clear Flexible Tubing
* Medical Grade PVC, kink resistant for smooth infusion
* Fully automated assembly ensures consistency and reability of connection
* Individually blister packed using medical grade paper and plastic firm
* Internationally accepted color codes to identify the gauge size
* Sterile Pack - ETO sterilization according to EN 550 standards


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