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JMS Measured Volume Set

Quick Overview

Features : * Flexible, Transparent & soft calibrated cylindrical Measured Volume Chamber.
* Chamber injection port allows medication to be injected into burette chamber for extra medication.
* Roller & clamp are very smooth for Precision Flow regulation for accurate dispersing of solution.
* Strong , Sharp and air vented spike is made of sturdy Medical Grade ABS material for easy insertion in I.V. Container.
* Shut off floater to prevent air embolism and it helps to indicate fluid level.
* Soft flexible drip chamber fitted with 15 m disk filter and micro driper for delivery of approximately 60drops/ml.
* Soft and kink resistant tube with bulb latex for easy flushing.

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Specification : * Hanger
* Y injection port ( Latex or Latex free)
* Luer Lock or Luer Slip
* Automatic shut off valve (Latex or Latex Free)
* Hypodermic needle ( 23 G)
* Airvent spike/ Non airvent spike
* Needle free Y Injection site
* DEHP free tube
* Burette Volume of 150ml / 110ml
* Tube Length from 150cm to 200 cm.


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