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JMD Tech Digital Tourniquet 9000 B

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• Ensured after sales a service support
• Spares and accessories availability guaranteed
• Low cost of ownership, maintenance and installation
• Combination of technologies and integration under one roof

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• Cuff pressure range: 10 to 450 mmHg
• Pressure regulation: Better then ± 10mmHg of set point (Maintains set pressure under leak conditions)
• Online setting: Increase and decrease in pressure settings
• Timer: Range from 9 hours to 59 minutes (0: 05 hours to 9.59 hours)
• Alarm: Audible Buzzer on set time equaling elapsed value, in intervals of 1 min, after alarm time
• Backup: 3 hours battery backup (in case of full charge)
• Switch Over: Automatic switch over from mains to battery of vice versa
• Power: 230V (AC) 50Hz + 100/0
• Battery Charger: Constant Voltage, Current Limited & Auto Cutoff
• Digital display: Digital display of set pressure, actual pressure, elapsed time & Set time
• Cuffs: Different sizes of five cuffs -washable & easy fitting (Large, Big, Medium, Small & Pediatric)
• Enclosure: ABS Plastic, with special Handle
• Dimensions: 215 mm (W) X 140mm (H) X 230mm (L)
• Weight: 3.9 Kgs


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