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JLab REDWOOD VISCOMETER No. 1-Electrically Heated With Voltage varrier (Copper Coil)

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* These Instrument are used for determining the viscosity of all oils, expressed in Redwood Seconds at the temp of test as called for by IP 70.
* Both the types of viscometers, Redwood no. 1 and Redwood no. 2 electrical heating models are available.
* The viscometers consists of a heavily silver plated brass oil cup with a precision stainless steel jet assembled in a chromium plated both fitted with a heating tube or heating element and drain cock.
* The bath and cup assembly is mounted on a stand with leveling feet.
* Each unit is supplied complete with silver plated ball valve, spirit level and cover, the thermometer clip and receiver of capacity of 50ml.
* A works certificate is issued for each cup which is calibrated against a certified cup.
* Suitable for operation on 220V, 50Hz, single phase, AC supply.

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* Electrically Heated With Energy Regulator Control
* Used for all oils having viscosity not more than 2000 sec at the test temperature.


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