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JLab Haemoglobinometer JL-ELA-5431

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • JLab Hemoglobinometer is an instrument used to determine the hemoglobin content of the blood by spectrophotometric measurement.
Colour Black
Windows Height 3 cms
Windows Width 0.5 cms(Minimum)

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  • Milky colour screen
  • Three windows
  • Two side windows are fitted with colour standard strips
  • Middle window is meant for the square tube for colour comparison
  • Square H.B. Tube: 2 Nos
  • Square H.B. Tube is graduated on both the side for the measurement of haemoglobin in respect of percentage and gram
  • H.B. Pipette: 1 No. (20 microlitre H.B. Pipette with latex tube and mouth piece
  • Amber coloured glass bottle
  • Glass Stirrer
  • Dropper with teat
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Spare latex tubing one meter


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