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Product Overview:
  • Mortuary chambers are basically used to store human corpse in hospitals that are waiting for removal for burial, autopsy or cremation or for any other reasons in order to prevent it from getting decomposed.
Capacity Six Bodies
Temperature +2°C to +5°C
Voltage Stabilizer 8 KVA
Power Supply On Ac Adaptor 220 V, 50 Hz

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  • Designed to store cadaverous under cool conditions to prevent decomposition
  • Double walled construction, outer made out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in staving enamel paint and inner made out of stainless steel sheet
  • The gap between the two is filled with glass wool for temperature insulation
  • Front opening covered with double walled door with magnetic gasket, lock & key and handle
  • Individual chambers are provided with independent locks with duplicate keys
  • Trays to carry dead bodies are provided with handles on both ends travel on rollers fitted on ball bearings for smooth movements
  • The refrigeration unit is fitted on the rear top
  • Temperature of +2°c to 4°c is maintained by hermetically sealed compressor unit and is controlled by an automatic electronic digital temp
  • Controller-cum-indicator
  • Panel is provided with indicators & controllers etc


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