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JLab MORTUARY CHAMBER-Cp.Four Bodies(Inner & Outer S.S.)

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* Designed to store cadaverous under cool conditions to prevent decomposition.
* Double walled construction, outer made out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in staving enamel paint and inner made out of stainless steel sheet.
* The gap between the two is filled with glass wool for temperature insulation.
* Front opening covered with double walled door with magnetic gasket, lock & key and handle.
* Individual chambers are provided with independent locks with duplicate keys.
* Trays to carry dead bodies are provided with handles on both ends travel on rollers fitted on ball bearings for smooth movements.
* The refrigeration unit is fitted on the rear top.
* Temperature of +2oC to 4oC is maintained by hermetically sealed compressor unit and is controlled by an automatic electronic digital temp.
* Controller-cum-indicator.
* Panel is provided with indicators & controllers etc.
* Completed with cord & plug.
* The unit is to work on 220V AC 50 Hz single phase.

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* Mortuary Chamber
* Capacity -Four Bodies
* Temp.- 2° to 5°C
* Voltage Stabilizer- 8KVA


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