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Jlab HUMIDITY CABINET (S.S) Temp 5 Deg C.,Cap. 95 Ltr

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* The inner working chamber is made out of stainless steel.
* The temperature can be controlled from 5oC to 55oC + 2oC
* humidity from 55% to 95% + 5% RH through an electronic digital controller-cum-indicator.
* Temperature below ambient is controlled by Hermatically sealed compressor complete with accessories provided below the unit
* Two stainless steel water reservoirs heated by immersion heaters are provided to create humidity.
* Complete with all accessories.
* Control panel provided with control switches and indicators.
* The equipment to work on 220V AC 50 Hz single phase.
* Provided with plug & cord but without hygrometer.

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* Temp 5 Deg C.
* Humidity 30 - 90%-Inside Chamber
* Chamber size-455 x 455 x 455mm,
* Chamber Cap. 95 Ltr


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