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Jlab R M Bottle Top Dispenser 2.5 - 30 ml JL-BTD-3333

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Jlab R M Bottle Top Dispenser is specially designed for smooth, effortless plunger movement and bubble free dispensing.
Volume Range 2.5 - 30 ml

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  • Easy to dis-assemble for cleaning
  • Specially designed PTFE piston for effortless movement
  • Glass barrel protection
  • Glass barrel is protected by a polypropylene sleeve
  • Nozzle cap prevents any unwanted drop on the work space
  • Nozzle cap also prevents contact with hazardous chemicals
  • Adjustable delivery nozzle
  • Specially designed volume adjustment knob
  • Specially designed calibration tool is provided for convenient
  • Specially designed, spring less, PTFE valve manifold
  • Excellent chemical compatibility and leak proof valve functioning


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