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JLab Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Double

Quick Overview

Features :
* Automatic calibration using up to maximum 10 standards and recalibration with a single standard.
* Directconcenration readout using different modes (k- factor, linear regression and quadratic regression).
* Display of the signal energy in the form of bar signal and numeric form.
* Abs, ÀÛÜ trans and conc display facility.
* Corrosion resistant nebulizer with platinum - iridium capillary, impact bead.
* Supplied with four hollow cathode lamps & computer interface software, cylinder, regulator, 3 standard lamps & compressor..

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Specification :
* Absorbance range from 0 to 3.0 abs
* titanium burner of 100 mm air - acetylene and 50 mm n20 - acetylene flames

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