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Jlab Advanced Nursing & Wound Care Manikin (Male) JL-AM-5925

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Product Overview:
  • Jlab Advanced Nursing & Wound Care Manikin is specially designed for professional trauma nursing care high-quality manikin provides wide range of exercises

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  • Organs in thoracic cavity
  • Vastus lateralis injection
  • Blood transfusion (Arm)
  • Deltoid subcutaneous injection
  • Vastus lateralis injection
  • Bone marrow and lumbar puncture
  • Female urethral catheterization
  • Male urethral catheterization
  • Female bladder irrigation
  • Male bladder irrigation
  • Buttocks intramuscular injection
  • Organs in abdominal cavity
  • Abdominal cavity
  • Sputum suction
  • Oxygen inhaling
  • Oral and nasal feeding
  • Gastrolavage


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