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J K Ansell MICRO-TOUCH N30 Examination Gloves Size - S, M & L

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Features :* Material:Nitrile
* Sizes:S
* Color:Blue
* Category:Non-Sterile
* Suitability:Single Gloving
* Minimum Order Quantity:50 Box

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Specification :* O.M.N.I.Barrire Protection.
* Micro Touch Nitrile Disposable Gloves.
* Product details:
* Optimal Barrier Protection
* Delivers the hand barrier protection that healthcare professional deserves without compromise.
* More Benifits
* Ambidextrous gloves with excellent tactile sensitivity.
* Nirile Benifites
* Nitrile gives a higher resistance to blood born pathogens and chemicals, including chemotherapy drugs.
* Ideal Pack Size
* Pack size: Each pack contains 30 pieces of Nitrile examination gloves.
* Brand name: Micro-Touch N-30


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