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J K Ansell GAMMEX Powdered Gamma Irradiated Gloves (Size 5.5-8.5)

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Features :* Powder-free natural rubber and synthetic elastomer gloves having an inner coating of a nitrile rubber with an intermediate layer of a rubber blend comprised of natural or synthetic rubber and nitrile rubber interposed between the nitrile coating and the base glove and their method of manufacture are described.
* The intermediate layer of the rubber blend interposed between the coating and the glove imparts a unique surface texture to the glove which aids donning and eliminates self-sticking of the inner glove surfaces, especially after the glove has been sterilized by radiation.
* Additionally the gloves of the invention exhibit good grippability, good donnability, superior tensile strength, elongation to break and stress at 500% elongation.

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Specification : J K Ansell GAMMEX Powdered Gamma Irradiated Gloves (Size 5.5-8.5)


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