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J K Ansell GAMMEX Powder Free Gamma Irradiated Gloves (Size 5.5-8.5)

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Features :* Gammex Latex Powder Free Gloves
* Easily Donning-Polyurethane coating with hydrophilic and hydrophobic components enables wet as well as dry hand donning.
* Comfortable: Hand fatigue is minimized by a larger thumb ball
* Sensitive: Thinner latex at the palm and fingers.
* Protection: Safe high tear resistance
* Secure A.R.T. reduces the percentages of pin holes up to 10 folds.
* Premium: The adhesive band on cuff prevents cuff roll down

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Specification : Material: Rubber
Sizes: 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches
Color : White
Category : Sterile


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