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Inventure Sales Infrared Breast Disease Diagnostic Machine- (Model: IL 8A)

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* Equipment detects breast hyperplasia and cystic lesions, show whether a breast disease is malignant or benign and suitable for early diagnosis of Breast Cancer

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* Infrared Breast Disease Diagnostic Machine- (Model: IL 8A)
Technical Specifications:
* Gray Scale: 256 8 bit A / D
* Video Signal Output: amplitude 1 Vp-p, Impedance of 75 ©
* Analog Signal Input: Standard Television Signal 1 Vp-p Input, 525 lines/field or 625 lines/field,
* Display Color: 8 dynamic pseudo color
* Minimum illumination of camera: 0.1 Lux
* Resolution of Camera : e* 500 TVL
* Display: 15 inch LCD


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