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Interton Stage 3 Bte 373 Hearing Aid

Quick Overview

* Trimmer-Based Product, Supported By 100% Digital Signal Processing
* 4 Channel Swift Compression (Wdrc)
* Noise Reduction In All Four Channels
* Expansion
* Analogue Volume Control With Cues From 1 To 4
* Push Button
* programs
* Basic
* Noise
* T-Coil (For Isg373-V)
* Delayed Activation
* Audible Tones:
* Low-Battery Warning
* ProgramChange
* Delayed Activation Notification
* On/Off Via The Battery Door

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4 Channel Swift Compression Interton Stage Bte Is A Trimmer-Based Product Supported By The Latest Digital Technology. The Modern Digital Benefits Of Stage Combined With The Traditional Trimmer Fitting Makes This Product Contemporary, Reliable And Easy To Use.


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