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Infinium Cleo Touchscreen Capnography Monitor

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Features :
* The Capnotrack utilizes a low flow (50ml/min) sidestream method that allows use for intubated and non-intubated applications.
* The Capnotrack*! sample line connection incorporates filter cells to eliminate the potential of cross contamination
* Simple connection sample lines allows the Capnotrack to be one of the industries lowest cost per patient End-tidal CO2 systems.
GMDN: 33586
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Specifications :
* The Infinium Capnotrack capnography module is a field upgradeable plug-in module that allows for maximum versatility of End-tidal CO2 monitoring.
* Standard Accessories Included:
* Sample Line for Capnotrack
* Power Cord (110 OR 220)
* Operators Manual CD


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