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Impleo Wireless Nurse Call Bell System (5 users simultaneously)

Quick Overview

Features :
• In an event, 5 users call simultaneously, it displays them in an alternating fashion. The lower right pane of the display shows three alternating calls and the upper right and the left pane shows the last and second last calls respectively. The display time can be set as per your requirement from 10 s to 98 s. After the display time is set display time, the number will clear automatically.
• The call bell range is approximately 80 - 100 m in open area. With obstructions the range reduces, and can be enhanced with the help of boosters. We have included the price of one booster in the quotes. Booster is used only if signal strength reduces.

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Specifications :
• Advanced Display with 20 switches: Can display 20 user numbers.


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