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IKON IK-102 Autoclave Vertical (450 x 600 mm)


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* Inner chamber is made of thick stainless steel.
* The chamber is absolutely leak proof and can be operated at any selected point in between 5 to 20 Psi per sq/inch.
* It is equipped with Pressure release valve, safety valve, water level indicator, and perforated Anodized Aluminium / Stainless Steel basket complete with cord and plug.
* The lid is made of thick Mild steel with stainless steel lined and Radial locking arrangement to work on 220 volts A.C. Main
GMDN: 38671
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* IKON IK-102 Autoclave Vertical (450 x 600 mm)
* Outer body made of thick mild steel sheet finished with oven backed enamel paints.


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