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IGN calbenium system internal disinfectant system

Quick Overview

Features :
* Created in 1988, it was the first of the range, a semi-automatic one.
* The ionization process requires a chrome electrode.
* It is a water decontamination product system fully automatic and adaptable to all dental units.
* The basic action of the unit extends in the care and reducing water contaminating effect of outgoing sprays in aerosol form from the patient's mouth to be deposited on the skin of the face of the practitioner becomes a very useful.
* The high activity against streptococci and disseminated fungal becomes obvious protection alone, especially as viral activity on both HSV 1 and 2 or HIV is not far behind.
* This is a medical device Class IIa.

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Specifications :
* Series integrated in all of our equipment, IGN, associated with the product CALBENIUM provides water treatment of germ-free sprays, thus avoiding postoperative or cross-contamination.
* Tanks under the spittoon used to accompany the bacteriological reset the unit.


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