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Sam's Cervical Traction with Integrated Chair

Quick Overview

Features :
* Adopts luxury metal plate design, which is elegant and durable
* Computer  controlled cervical traction has functions of continued traction, intermittent traction, repeat traction traction force automatic compensation.
* Automatic protection for excess traction force
* Have traction force manual adjustment functions .
* Provided with neck supporting bracket
* Equipped with medium frequency electrotherapy for better traction results
* Provided with sturdy durable motor and the pulling weight of traction can be adjustable .
* Equipped with waist massage device and infrared thermotherapy function to increase the comfort degree and curative effect.
* The facility to shift the main unit to wall mounting is possible incase added features are not required and can be mounted on wall with wall bar bracket .

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Specifications :
* Power Source : ~220v/50HZ
* Capacity factor: 80VA
* Traction force: 0~30Kg
* Total time:0~60min
* Traction time: 0~9min
* Interval time : 0~6min

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