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Hospital Furniture

Buy hospital furniture in Mumbai

Hospital furniture is furniture designed especially for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of healthcare. Hospital furniture along with modern medical equipment has an important role to play in healthcare. They not only help surgeons to perform the critical surgery with utmost safety of patient, but also make patients feel comfortable during the surgery and post-surgery as well. It is also important to mention that a wide variety of hospital furniture is used during medical examination of the patients enabling doctors to diagnose properly.

Apart from the furniture directly related to patient and health care provider, there are variety of other furniture used in hospitals like medical office furniture, bariatric furniture and also furniture for waiting rooms and lobbies. Here is brief information on various hospital furniture:

Hospital beds include adjustable beds for ward and patient room, electrical & mechanical ICU beds, fowler beds, semi-fowler beds, standard hospital beds, and orthopedic beds.

  • Bedside/Overbed Tables

Supported by one or more legs, bedside/overbed tables (hospital table) have flat or plane surface on the top. Hospital Chair & Stool

  • Many types of hospital chairs such as dental chair, lift chair, wheelchair and gynaecological chair are used in a hospital. Hospital chair consists of a seat, armrests, legs and a back.
  • Bedside Lockers/Cabinets

Bedside Lockers/Cabinets are utility furniture which is placed near patient beds in ward or patient room.

  • Medical Cabinets/Cupboards

Used for storing general instruments, disposables and medicines, these utilitarian cabinets are must for all healthcare centers – whether small or big.

  • Patient Transport Systems

As term suggests, patient transport systems are used to move patients safely within the hospital or from ambulance to hospital. Some commonly used transport systems are stretchers, patient trolleys, carrying cots, foldable stretchers, evacuation mats, patient turners, evacuation chairs, and scoop stretchers etc.

Several stands are used in hospitals to store, pile and keep various products related to hospital use. These include stands, wash basin stands, IV stands, kick bucket stands, saline stands, etc.

  • Baby Furniture

Hospital furniture are specially designed for infants and babies in order to provide suitable care to them. A variety of baby furniture such as bassinet, bath tube, cradles, crib and shower gurneys are used.

Apart from above mentioned products, there are several other hospital furniture, such as Obstetric tables, examination table/couch, blood donor chairs, operation theatre lights and tables etc. used in hospitals. Play following Video on hospital furniture to understand more about our range.

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