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Hospital Establishment

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Safety and Security

Every hospital needs good safety and security products that are essential for its establishment. The products need to be of top-notch quality to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and patients alike. These equipment act as a barrier between the user and the hazardous materials that they come in contact with, on a regular basis. Doctors who work in infectious disease epidemiology are constantly surrounded by deadly pathogens and are in need of utmost protection.

We at Medikabazaar highly prioritize safety. Therefore, we provide our customers with a large variety of protective equipment for hospital establishment which meet the industry standards. Every work environment needs a first-aid kit as a basic necessity. Be sure to check out our entire range of workplace safety equipment.

Safety Helmets

A safety helmet can prevent traumatic brain injuries by protecting the head from fall injuries, falling debris and preventing piercing objects from penetrating into the skull. Hospital and clinical lab workers are required to wear full face safety helmets, which prevent the user from liquid projectiles and splashes of fluids. Hazmat safety helmets have a breathing hose which connects to an oxygen tank and provides complete protection from any kind of pathogens or contaminants.

Safety Gloves

There are many applications of safety gloves under industrial grade and medical grade. Industrial gloves protect against chemicals, heat, cuts, cold, alkalis, alcohol, etc. Medical grade gloves are used for lab testing and performing surgeries. We offer all kinds of protective gloves that suit every industry need. Some of the examples are –rubber gloves, radiation protective gloves, rubber insulated gloves and many more.

Safety Shoes

Whether you’re working in a hospital or a lumberyard, you need safety shoes. They protect you from punctures, piercing objects, electrical shocks (if they’re rubber insulated), and cutting hazards. People working in a hazardous environment certainly don’t want to fall or trip over due to poor grip of their shoes. Hence, we offer skid-free shoes for their protection.

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