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Home Care Wrist Splints H1025

Quick Overview

• It would reduce the patients pain.
• It would reduce the further damage to the nerves and blood vessels.
• It would reduce the chance of aggravating the fracture or injury.
• It would support the injured limb till further orthopaedic treatment is done.
• These splints are made of a unique and specially developed PVC sheeting.
• They had to be contoured or moulded according to the shape required.
• Technically better support and immobilization is reached which is vital inadding the Rehabilitation of the orthopaedic disability.

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• Size : Universal
• Most fractures or dislocations are the result of accidents, twisting, axial loading, angural bending, torque, direct injury, injury, stress or a combination of any of the above.
• Effective splinting of the injured extremity is crucial for the patient.
• * For first time ACTIVE-AIR splints have been introduce providing ease of application and effective splinting for immobilization.
• The urgency of immobilization dislocated joints is by far very crucial for the patient.


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