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HMD Dispovan 20ml with Needle 26G x 1 inch 25 Pcs Per Box


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* Ribbon Packed, Dispovan & Unolok Single use tuberculin syringes without needles and with needles mounted on top.
* These syringes are used to give BCG Vaccination.
* Barrels & Plungers are made of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with the medication for short term contact drug delivery application.
* The nozzle of the Barrels is luermount type having a 6% luer taper as per ISO:594.
* Gaskets are made of natural rubber which is chemically inert and compatible with medication for short term contact drug delivery application.
* Packing DISPOVAN and UNOLOK Single use syringes are individually RIBBON PACKED in a double-laminated plastic film.Ribbon packaging is superior to blister packaging due to higher puncture and water resistance, enabling extended shelf-life under adverse conditions. But for better container loadability we are also making transparent thermoformed peel able Blister pack.

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* Capacity: 20ml
* Needle Dimensions: 26G x 1inch
* Packing: 25 pcs per Box


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