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Features :
* Prevents or Reverses Atelectasis
* Easy to Adjust PAP to Meet Patient-Needs
* Can Be Used With Mask or Mouthpiece
* Pressure Port With Cap For Easy Monitoring
* Ambient Air Inlet to Prevent Resist Occlusion
* Connects Via Seven feet of Tubing
* Connects to Gauge Tubing
* Eliminates Collecting Components
* Eliminates Need to Carry Manometer
* EzPAP May Be Used As a Nebulizer
* Single Patient Use
GMDN: 60711
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Specifications :
* The EZPAP® Positive Airway Pressure System is an easy option for lung expansion to prevent or reverse atelectasis and the need for timely lung expansion therapy.
* The system expands the lungs increasing the Functional Residue Capacity (FRC). When incentive spirometry alone won't open patient's airways, EzPAP is an easy go-to option. Patients only need a few minutes of therapy, not hours at a time.
* Simply connect to a flow meter, adjust 5-15 lpm, and instruct the patient to breathe normally.
* The EzPAP® Positive Airway Pressure System includes pressure port cap, and seven feet of tubing with attachment options for mouthpieces and three mask size options.
* Manufacturer: Smiths Medical ASD INC.
* 22 mm OD Patient End
* Product Number: 23-0747, 23-0757, 23-1747, 23-2747, 23-3747, 23-6000


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