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Hertel Exophthalmometer (Double Bar)

Quick Overview

* Exophthalmometer Single Bar Double Bar Available with two bars on the main shafts
* Engraved with a scale on one side
* Used for measuring the depth on the eye socket by fitting both the bars on the bony margin of the orbit
* Furthermore, the use of Ophthalmic Lens meter helps in aligning the eyes to get a precise measure of the socket
<b>The uses of the Exophthalmometry:</b>
* The exophthalmometry is used to obtain an accurate estimate of the protrusion of the eyeball
* It is also used to measure the degree of the prosthesis so that a suitable prosthesis can be fitted
* The application of our range is external and hence there is no internal reaction or side effects

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* Hertel Exophthalmometer
* Available in Double Bar


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