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HEDY Infusion Pump - I5 (Three Infusion Mode)

Quick Overview

Features :
* characteristic
-3.5* TFT Color and Touch Screen
-Horizontal flat and compact design with anti-corrosion PBT material
-Online titration function: change flow rate during infusion with increment 0.01ml/h
-Dynamic Pressure Surveillance(DPS): 11 levels of alarm range adjustable
-Automatic calculation of the delivery rate based on different modes
-Flow compensation to avoid error caused by pipeline fatigue
-Anti-bolus function for the safety of patients
-Drug library up to 2000 drugs; Event logs up to 2000 records
-Infusion pause/standby: preset parameters remain stored
-Recognize syringe brands and size from 5ml to 60ml automatically
-Both audible and visible alarm, and 9 level alarm sound adjustable
GMDN: 61514
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Specifications :
* W x H x D: 240 x 175 x 80 (mm)
* Net Weight: d*1.8 kg
* Classification: Type CF, Defibrillation-proof, Class I
* Material: Anti-corrosion PBT material


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