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Hari Bharat Deep Freezer (PLASMA STORAGE CABINET) HE BB144 (20-30 Degree)

Quick Overview

• We are manufacturer and supplier of an exclusive range of Deep Freezer.
• They are mostly used by different industries for preserving and storing blood, specimens and components for long term duration.
• It has been precision engineered by our highly skilled in-house experts that ensures its perfect results at very reasonable cost.
• Deep Freezer manufacturer is able to deliver the bulk quantities of these freezers within the stipulated time frame.

• Microprocessor Controlled Deep Freezer, Double Door With Various Capacities.
• Outer Body-CRC Sheet With Anti-Corrosion, Powder Coated.
• Inner Sheet –SS 304 Grade.
• Insulation High Density.
• CFC free refrigeration.
• Coil-Maid by Imported Copper Tube.
• Door Locks Non Corrosion SS 304 Grade Material.
• Castor Wheel-It Is A Moveable Wheel.
• 2 Wheel Lock Systems & 2 Wheel Unlock.
• Blower Fan With Motor-Flange Mounted.
• Digital Display with the Tem: Controller.
• Chart Record- 7 days circulated, Thermograph Made.
• Heavy Duty Refrigeration System, Maintenance Free.
• It Should Also Have Audio Visual Electronic Alarm for low and high voltage, high and low temp., power failure, Door opening.
• Power Input To Be 220-240VAC, 50 Hz Fitted With Indian Plug.
• (Also available model as per your requirement)
GMDN: 35829
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• Capacity: 180 liter
• Temp Range: 20 to 30 degree


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