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Hari Bharat Blood Collection Monitor (WITH BATTERY BACKUP) HE BB117

Quick Overview

• We are one of the most reputed Blood Collection Monitor manufacturers in India.
• We can design and deliver a compact instrument to provide smooth and gentle rocking for homogeneous mixing with anticoagulant without clot formation of blood cells during collection of blood from a donor.
• We have evolved in the market as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Blood Collection Monitor and also able to provide the immense variety at most competitive prices.
• It is being made by our well trained workforce using well tested material.
• We are widely appreciated due to our top quality products which are perfectly prepared with an advanced production process.

• Accept all kinds of blood bags.
• Pre-selection of volume to be collected.
• LED indication at the starting of the collection.
• LED indication & audio alarms at the end of the collection.
• Continuous display of collected volume, flow & time during collection.
• Have Continuous agitation of blood bags during collection.
• Automatic clamping at termination of preset volume collection.
• Has the facility to modify values to collect at any time during the collection.
• The Clamp will be released automatically when the bag is lifted.
• Also manual clamping provision if when required.
• Specially designed with de-attachable tray for blood bags to shake better.
• In built sealed maintenance free battery for backup with inbuilt charging system.
GMDN: 35486
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• Warranty: 24 month from date of installation.


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