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Hari Bharat Blood Bag Tube Sealer HE BB126

Quick Overview

• We are considered as a renowned manufacturer of Blood Bag Tube Sealer which is compact equipment used to seal the Blood Bag pilot tube by radio frequency sealing system.
• A precision engineered blood bag tube sealer can be achieved in less than 1.5 seconds per tube by simple operation.
• It can seal the tubes easily separated by pulling the sealing section by both sides.
• With profound industrial experience, our strong workforce is able to cater the requirements of scientific industries.
• We are known as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Blood Bag Tube Sealer based in India.

• Heavy Duty, Bench Top Sealer. Frequency – 40.68mhz
• Sealing Time 1.5 To 2 Sec. Automatic Trigger Sealing With The Help Of Optical Sensor.
• Sealing Capacity 700 Seals Per Full Charged Battery For Tubes Of Up to 6 mm Outer Diameter.
• It Works On RFK Technology. Sealing Operation Is Activated Automatically, When The Tube Is Placed Between The Electrodes.
• Power Sources 230V AC, 50 Hz Single Phases.
• LED Indicators for.
o Mains
o Ready
o Seal
o Battery
• Weight 5 kg.
• Trigger:-Optical Sensor.
GMDN: 45226
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• Warranty: 24 month from date of installation.


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    Review by JAMNA / (Posted on 5/17/2017)
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