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HALYARD Microcuff Endotracheal Tube for Adults - 7.0MM

Quick Overview

Specification :
* Sterile :Yes
* Natural Rubber Latex-Free:Yes
* Type:Adult
* Sterilization Method:EO
* Use Frequency: Single Use
* Intubation:Oral/Nasal Magill
* Age:Adult
* Murphy Eye:Yes
* Radiopaque Line:Yes
* Advanced Micro-Thin Polyurethane Cuff Yes
* Seals at Low Cuff Pressure:Yes
* Depth Marks in Centimeters:Yes
* Packaging:Poly Pouch
* Units per Case: 10
* Inner Diameter (mm):7.0
* Outer Diameter (mm):9.5
* Cuff Size (mm):24

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* Polyurethane can be made thinner and still maintain its strength
* Polyurethane (10 microns) cuff membranes are substantially thinner than conventional PVC cuffs (50 80 microns)
* Puncture strength of MICROCUFF* tube is almost double compared to conventional cuffs
* Burst pressure of MICROCUFF* tube is more than double compared to conventional cuffs


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