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HALYARD Microcuf Endotracheal Tube for Pediatrics ORAL CURVED - 5.0MM

Quick Overview

Specification :

* Sterile: Yes
* Natural Rubber Latex-Free:Yes
* Type :Pediatric
* Sterilization Method: EO
* Use Frequency: Single Use
* Intubation:Oral Curved
* Age:Neonatal / Pediatric
* Radiopaque Line:Yes
* Advanced Micro-Thin Polyurethane Cuff :Yes
* Seals at Ultra-Low Cuff Pressure :Yes
* Depth Marks in Centimeters:Yes
* Packaging:Poly Pouch
* Units per Case: 10
* Inner Diameter (mm):5.0
* Outer Diameter (mm):6.7
* Cuff Size (mm):14

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* Advanced microthin polyurethane cuff membrane seals the airway at ultra-low pressure
* Microthin material (10 microns) permits a true high volume, low pressure (HVLP) cuff to reduce cuff pressure
* MICROCUFF* pediatric tubes effectively seal at an average cuff pressure of 11 cm H201, about half the pressure of conventional tubes
* MICROCUFF* pediatric tubes seal below the commonly presumed capillary perfusion pressure of the pediatric population, diminishing the risk to mucosal tissue
* Ultra-low cuff pressure can reduce the risk of airway trauma
* Microthin polyurethane cuff membrane can withstand burst pressures over 800 cm H203 and has a puncture strength almost double compared to conventional cuffs


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