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Gemi Infant Warmer with Fixed Cradle & Upper Surface Phototherapy (Skin Sensor)

Quick Overview

Skin / Manual
• 1” bright skin temp. display
• Set temp. display
• % of heater output display on Bar Graph
• Selection of Skin & Manual modes
• Temperature display in o C or o F
• APGAR Timer
• Feed timer
• Audio Alarm mute facility
• Mute time programmable
Manual Mode
• Time programmable
• Heater output adjustable
• Over temp. cutoff.
Skin Mode Safety alarms(with status LED)
• Temp. High (>1°C of set temp.)
• Temp. Low (<1°C of set temp.)
• Temp. Over Range (>38°C)
• Temp. Under Range (<34°C)
(Actual temp. starts blinking)
• Probe Fail
• Power failure
• Heater Failure
• System Failure
GMDN: 17433
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• Four, fluorescent lamps (CFL) emitting blue radiation with a peak at 450 nm specially used for hyperbilirubinaemia treatment
• Two day-light (CFL) tubes for observation
• Protective grill
• Mirror coated reflector
• Irradiance approx. 12-15 µwatts/cm /nm
• Source Cooling Fan
• Optional Time Totaliser


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