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Gemi Infant Incubators Skin / Air / Manual

Quick Overview

• 1” bright skin temp. display
• 1” bright air temp. display
• Numeric % of heater output display
• Separate Set temp. display
• Temperature display in ° C or ° F
• APGAR Timer
• Feed Timer
• Baby attending alarm
• Mute time programmable
• Audio Alarm mute facility
• Manual Mode
• Time programmable
• Heater output adjustable
• Over temp. cutoff.
• Safety alarms (with status LED)
• (Actual temp. starts blinking)
• Skin Mode
• Skin Temp. High (>1.5°C of set temp.)
• Skin Temp. Low (<1.5°C of set temp.)
• Skin Temp. Over Range (>38°C)
• Skin Temp. Under Range (<34°C)
• Skin Probe Fail
• Air Mode
• Air Temp. High (>1.5°C of set temp.)
• Air Temp. Low (<3.0°C of set temp.)
• Air Temp. Over Range (>39°C)
• Air Probe Fail
• Safety high temp. cutoff at
• Skin Temp.> 38°C
• Air Temp.> 39°C
• Power Fail
• Heater Fail
GMDN: 36025
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Temp. Controller
• To provide thermal regulation with highest degree of accuracy, User friendly feather touch control along with safety alarms and cutoffs.
Acrylic Canopy
• Single walled, with 2 port holes, multiple inlets for external tubing, Front Loading, Baby tray, Head Up/Down facility.
• Acrylic Canopy with two port holes
• Front Loading
• Inlets for administration of O2, IV lines or Ventilator tubing.
• Baby Tray with Head Up / Down facility
• Stainless Steel rust free Heater, blower sub assembly.
• Storage cabinet with shelf
• Humidity heater and Hygrometer.
• Pole for Syringe Pump / Infusion Pump & S.S. IV Stand


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  • Quality
    Review by Nilesh / (Posted on 5/17/2017)
    nice product by gemi
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